what's happening at riverside:

  • Brother Larry is posting weekly video bible studies and messages while we are unable to meet at the church.
    To watch the latest message, click here. You can also view it or previous videos at the RBC YouTube channel.

  • Due to the limitations on public assemblies related to the COVID-19 virus, we will be unable to meet until April 19, 2020. We will remain in touch with the RBC membership via phone, email and text to share information and ministry opportunities as necessary. As in all other times and situations, we take comfort in the fact that our God controls all things. His sovereign will shall always be accomplished.

  • What are the duties of church members?
    Did you know that the Puritan theologian and pastor John Owen outlined a number of insightful, biblical guidelines regarding the responsibilities of church membership? These were highlighted in a recent blog post by Pastor Tom Hicks at FBC Clinton, and Riverside members are encouraged to read them here.

  • "By What Standard?" is an important documentary produced by Founders Ministries that explores Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality, and how these unbiblical worldviews are influencing the church and the culture under the guise of honoring and protecting women, promoting racial reconciliation, and showing love and compassion to people experiencing sexual dysphoria. This is an important trend to be aware of as the 2020 SBC Convention approaches. View the documentary here.

  • Riverside's lending library and bookstore features many classic and contemporary biblical studies and commentaries, histories, reference books, theological resources, Christian children's books and more. Check out our online catalog to see what is available and to search by title or author.

  • The 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith adopted by the membership of Riverside is available for download and study here. This is presented in a modern language version with a complete list of scripture references.

  • The latest Constitution and Bylaws document is available here.