becoming a member

We encourage all prospective members to attend a Membership Information Class. In this class you will have the opportunity to get to know us—to learn all about Riverside Baptist Church, our purpose, and beliefs—without pressure or obligation to join. Please contact the church office for more information. We also encourage all members to read and discuss the following:

  • The sermon on the mount
    (Matthew 5-7)

    Link to the scripture passage.

    There is also a useful commentary to help in the study of Matthew 5-7 called Sermon on the Mount by Chuck Quarles. A copy may be found in the Church Library as well.  

  • 1689 Baptist Confession OF FAITH

    You may pick up a copy in the church office or view it online here.

  • jesus loved the church and so should you

    by earl blackburn

    You may borrow a copy from the Church Library.